Excerpt from Chapter 13 – “REGIONAL BRAND POWERHOUSE”

Published January 10, 2018

Grocery stores can tell you a lot about the communities they’re
located in. Every town in every region of the country has a slightly different
blend of stores. Each of these different stores have a different
blend of products, including generic items, national staples, and
regional and local specialties. In addition, every different region has its
food powerhouses.

Whenever I travel around the country, I like to perform shelf
checks everywhere I stop to visit. From the Food Lion in North Carolina
to the Price Chopper in New York City, I’ve visited regional grocery
stores all over the country to check their shelves and noted branded
inventory for future reference. I like to pinpoint the regional food
brands and gauge their geographic boundaries. I ask myself these questions:
What kind of reach does that one regional brand have? What
replaces it on the shelves once that reach has ended? When I do that, I’m
taking the temperature of regional brands.