Excerpt from Chapter 12 – “BRAND ACTIVATION”

Published January 7, 2018

When my team and I talk about the role of marketing in your food
production business, one of our go-to, big-picture metaphors involves
what we call the three-legged stool. It usually goes something like the


The marketing leg of the stool represents the process of creating
brand awareness and finding marketing opportunities. It positions your
company and its food brand by differentiating it from the competition,
highlighting its unique features and benefits, and developing an effective
call-to-action for setting up sales and bringing in leads. In a best-case
scenario, good advertising reaches the qualified and most coveted target
audience, creating a brand preference. In short, turn advertising on to
drive your target market toward sales. Note, if the marketing leg of the
stool works too hard, sales may not have the capacity to convert.