Excerpt from Chapter 9 – “PACKAGING”

Published December 29, 2017

How great would it be if your brand was instantly recognizable to
almost 100 percent of your target market? Well, Coca-Cola is exactly
that, and Coca-Cola’s target market is everyone on Earth.

It’s common knowledge in the business and marketing worlds that
Coca-Cola’s logo is recognizable to a whopping 94 percent of the world’s
population, but what many of those millions truly recognize is more
than the logo. It’s Coca-Cola’s whole package. The vibrant red-andwhite
contrast of its color scheme. The rakish style of its typeface. The
dynamic contours of its original container—that iconic fluted glass bottle,
which still appears as an image on Coca-Cola packages today. That’s
first-class packaging at work, and it’s turned Coca-Cola into one of the
biggest fish in the food industry pond.

Now it’s your turn. You understand your place in the evolving
market. You’ve studied the demographics and psychographics, so you’re
familiar with the tastes and preferences of your target market. You know
the competition and you know your planograms. From your mission,
message, position, and identity to your colors, fonts, and styles, you
know it all. Now for the hard part: convincing end-line consumers to
choose your product over all the others in a matter of seconds.