Excerpt from Chapter 8 – “BRANDED VISUAL IDENTITY”

Published December 26, 2017

It’s always comforting to see a familiar and friendly face. I love the
way my dog reacts when I walk in the door every evening—so happy and
bouncy. The feeling is reciprocal. I see her, and I can’t help but smile. I
have similar feelings when I see my Fender Telecaster guitar or my college
mascot, the Kansas Jayhawk. I have so many great feelings and
memories tied to those brand images. I’ve seen a similar look on people’s
travel-weary faces when they see a Starbucks in an airport. That
color palette, the fonts, and the logo all act as powerful visual cues: Our
old friend Starbucks is here.

Starbucks is just one among hundreds of companies that masterfully
use their visual branding to not only stand out in a crowded, cluttered,
and competitive market, but also to act as a visual cue that says a
familiar friend in a trusted brand is nearby.

In business, when someone develops an affinity with your brand’s
identity, they like the comfort of knowing that they can quickly recognize
you in the crowd. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—ours is an
over communicated world, one oversaturated with messaging. Treat
your fan base well and make life easier. After all, your audience’s experience
is much more important than your boredom with the same identity.
Remember, it’s not about you—it’s about your audience.