Published December 23, 2017

The first brand was created to differentiate cows—my cows from
your cows. A distinctive, original symbol called a logo was drawn up and
bent into an iron stamp. This iron stamp was then heated up and
burned into a cow’s backside, enabling me to tell my cattle apart from
others without confusion. It, then, became easier to keep cattle safe from
thieves. It also helped differentiate the livestock when taken to market.
The local stockyards where my livestock was sold might give me a better
price for my cattle over my competitors. Why? Because the folks there
knew my story and trusted that the livestock bearing my logo were taken
care of and going to get a great return on resale. In this case, branding a
cow is no different than identifying a product. Different companies selling
similar products need something to help differentiate from the rest
of the “herd.”