Excerpt from Chapter 4 – “MARKETING IS EVERYTHING”

Published December 14, 2017

Eight years ago, before he was a client, Rob laid out the situation.
Sales were good, but margins were not. His company was stuck selling at
wholesale and commodity pricing. Rob went on to say that he felt developing
his company’s small retail brand was key to growing margins. We
explored it, took baby budget steps, and the rest—including three-plus
years of more than 100 percent growth—is history.

It wasn’t easy to get there. Successful growth takes vision and commitment
from a client’s entire team. It also helped that, at the time, my
NewPoint team had over 30 years of food-industry marketing experience
to draw on to drive Rob’s plan for brand growth.

What you have in your hands right now is a marketing book, and
I’m in the marketing business. That said, my team and I believe that
branding and marketing are equally as important as the ingredients in
your product.